Orthodontic Services in Dubai


Dr Basel Mofti is a certified Damon braces practitioner. Damon braces are available in two forms, metal and clear. Damon clear braces are less visible and more comfortable. They are one of the most advanced dental braces available. They are extremely patient-friendly, easy to maintain, less pain and discomfort to the patient, faster treatment compared to conventional dental braces, broad and wide smile and incredible results.
Dr. Basel Mofti is committed to providing a range of treatment options and Orthodontic Services in Dubai for his patients. As an alternative to metal dental braces, both teenagers and adults can choose clear ceramic dental braces. These dental braces are designed to be inconspicuous and blend seamlessly with the color of your teeth, making them difficult for others to detect. Additionally, ceramic dental braces offer the advantage of not causing discomfort to your lips and gums, ensuring a more comfortable experience throughout the treatment process.
Dr. Mofti is highly regarded as an expert in the field of Invisalign in Dubai and the region. Invisalign is an alternative teeth-straightening method that utilizes clear aligners, eliminating the need for visible metal brackets and wires. This advanced technique involves a series of custom-made trays that are created using state-of-the-art 3D computer imaging technology. Invisalign offers numerous advantages over traditional dental braces, including its ability to be easily removed, effortless maintenance, convenient teeth brushing, the option to remove it while eating and brushing, and, of course, its discreet appearance. Each tray is worn for a period of two weeks before transitioning to the next tray in the sequence.
Orthodontists use metal dental braces, known as conventional braces, to align your teeth and achieve a correct bite. These dental braces consist of metal brackets and wires. They are typically silver in color, and elastic bands of various colors are placed around each bracket to secure the wire tightly in the bracket slot. Metal dental braces are cost-effective and require monthly adjustments.
Hidden dental braces, known as Incognito lingual braces, provide complete invisibility as they are attached behind the surface of your teeth. These dental braces are customized for everyone, making them one of the most advanced orthodontic technologies currently available. Despite their placement closer to the tongue, they offer remarkable comfort. The use of robotic wire-bending and rounded edges sets them apart and gives them a distinct advantage.
It is recommended for children to have their initial orthodontic consultation at the age of 7. Interceptive orthodontic treatment primarily addresses various conditions such as crossbites, underbites, severe crowding, impacted permanent teeth, and under/overdeveloped jaws that can affect facial aesthetics. Additionally, it targets issues like constricted airways that can impact the bite and harmful habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, nail biting, and tongue thrusting. By implementing early interceptive treatment, we can potentially prevent the need for more invasive procedures in the future.
Achieving a lasting and stable outcome is crucial following orthodontic treatment with braces. A retainer plays a vital role in maintaining the teeth in their corrected position. There are various types of retainers available, including the removable Hawley retainer, clear Essix retainer, and fixed lingual retainer. Your Orthodontist in Dubai will determine the most suitable retainer for your specific needs. Typically, the retention phase involves wearing the retainer full-time for a period of 12 months.